Wood Entry Door Styles That Speak For You

No entrance makes an impression as inviting as a real Wood Door. Wood Doors bring a sense of warmth and character to any home, whether it’s unique and modern or classic and traditional.

Authentic Wood Doors can be designed and customized to fit all tastes and styles, so you can take advantage and get a look and feel that is exactly what you want. Today we will discuss a few of the styles of doors and species of wood available in the industry so that you can know what to look for and expect when researching and choosing your entry door retro fit.

The beauty of getting a Custom Wood Entry Door is that you can let your imagination come alive and enrich your home with a hand crafted piece of functional artwork. Regardless if you have a single door, double door, sidelites or transoms, you can incorporate decorative glass into the door and the wood into the jambs and casing. Accent it with the hardware and accessories and finish it off with the color that you prefer and your home with look and feel like a new place.

Classic Doors

Classic Wood Entry Doors can be made from any species of wood, from Mahogany to Oak or Fir. Typically you will see no more than half length glass in the doors, often over one or more panels that are accented with raised molding on the exterior side to enhance the panels.

Classic style Wood Doors most often feature the same species of wood for the jambs, casing and mullions that the Door is made of. Multiple panel doors, such as an 8 or 10 vertical panel door can have a drastically different appearance based on if the doors has raised molding or flat panels as well as rounded or square edges and sticking.

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Craftsman Doors

Craftsman style doors are very distinctive and give a strong and solid appearance to the entrance of the home. No curves or rounded edges or lines will be found on a true Craftsman Style Door. Also made from a very hard wood such as Douglas Fir, the essence of a true Craftsman is captured in this style of door. They feature wider stiles and rails, narrower glass and flat panels.

Typically the Craftsman Style Door has two or three vertical panels with a small amount of glass at the top, usually in rectangle shape but sometimes with an arch at the top of the glass. Either clear glass or decorative glass can be used to achieve the desired look and the door can be accented with a dentil shelf. Often sidelites are full glass but not always as some homeowners are choosing to keep the glass the same height and style in the sidelites as the door.

Craftsman Style Entry Door made of Fir  

Contemporary Doors

Original and unique designs in both the wood layout as well as glass options allow the Contemporary Style Doors to really stand out from the rest. Many different species of wood are acceptable in Contemporary Style Doors and all can lend well to certain tastes and specific options. Red Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany and even Knotty Alder can provide drastically different final results.

There are no rules with contemporary. Clear glass, decorative glass, textured glass, or stained glass are all fair game. The same goes for hardware with some opting for plain and basic door handles and knobs and some opting for large, unique handle sets that will never be found at a box store or home improvement super center. Some Contemporary Doors have all squared edges, glass and panels while some have all rounded and arched edges, glass and panels.

Contemporary Entry Door made of Mahogany

There are many things to consider when choosing your Custom Wood Entry Door, so make sure that you research and do some homework to ensure the best selection. Also consider things like how much protection does your entryway have from the weather and elements. If your Entry Door gets direct rain or a lot of constant direct sunlight, know that you will have more maintenance on them regardless of how well crafted or finished the doors are.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a knowledgeable professional regarding Wood Entry Doors, please feel free to contact Heckard’s Door Specialites at (352) 376-0422 or (904) 370-4967.