Pet Doors; Yes, No, Maybe?

To be or not to be is the question with Pet Doors… We at Heckard’s Door get asked often about pet doors. Can we do them? Do they work well? Do they seal? Are they unsafe? Today we will answer those questions and hopefully help you decide on wheather or not a pet door is for you.

Pet Doors provide easy access for your pets without sacrificing style. Unlike retrofitted pet doors of yesteryear where people would buy the pet door and cut into their door and put the pet door in, leaving gaps around the edges and the home exposed to the elements, Heckard’s Door has been able to solve the issue by installing pet doors in the new doors before installation.

A factory installed pet door into your new fiberglass exterior doors provide an intergrated solution for maximum style, convienence and reliability. And with mulitple options available, you’re sure to find the best solution for your pet and your home.

“We had large sliding glass doors and had tried the pet doors that go in the edge of the sliders but they were flimsy and we did not think they were safe and knew that it let air in and out. We knew that we wanted to go with french doors but then we really were not sure what to do as far as a pet door, “said Phyllis P of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. “We talked to Heckard’s Door and we came up with a way to incorporate a quality pet door into the new fiberglass doors. They had us order it and ship it to them and when they arrived with the new doors, the pet door was in. It seals nice and looks like it should be there. We are very pleased with it and so are our dogs.”

There are many fears regarding pet doors which includes that they are not safe because a person could actually crawl through them. In many cases that may be true, depending on the size of the door and the person and how the pet door is constructed. Many pet doors on the market today actually come with a guard that must be lifted when you want the pet to have access but you could slide it down when you are not home to prevent anything or anyone from getting in or out.

Heckard’s Door does not build, manufacture or supply any pet doors. We do, however, work with homeowners constantly that want them and we install dozens of them each year. The process goes as follows: After the homeowner and Heckard’s Door have agreed on the door sytles and configurations, the homeowner will go and select the new pet door that they want; either from a store or online. The pet door is then shipped to our location where we install it in the new doors prior to us coming to your home for installation of the new doors. The process is simple, easy and has worked well over and over again without any issues.