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Best Custom Doors in Florida

We use only the finest hand-selected wood species that are best for doors in our Florida climate. We know that if our doors perform as well as they do and long as long as they do in Florida, that they will do well anywhere. Each custom door that we install is handmade in our shop by real people right here in Florida. We do not use filler or fake materials or substitutes or short cuts — just top-notch craftsmanship and materials. Our front entry doors have been tested in both the lab and homes just like yours.

We work closely with you to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. We believe that you should not be limited by what you can have because your home is a certain size. We will create the entryway that will actually work for you and then we perform the retro fit of your existing entry doors and install the new doors with expert knowledge and touch.

We make all of our own millwork, molding, casing and trim — in just about any species of wood and just about any size or profile. We provide and install the hardware for your doors to ensure that you are safe and secure. We also offer pre-finish and staining of our custom wood doors.


  • Improves safety of the home with stronger doors, jambs and hardware.
  • Improves the overall appearance and curb appeal.
  • Adds value: add up to 6% of your home value by upgrading the entryway while only spending a fraction of that.
  • Improves function: Old doors that do not open or shut well are a pain.
  • Wood vs. Decorative glass: Would you prefer the open and bright feeling of a decorative glass door, or the privacy and security of a solid wood door? You don't have to choose! Many of our doors combine decorative glass and wood.

List of Projects

PVB Plantation Neighborhood

  • This project is a complete retro-fit with the final design consisting of double 3’ x 8’ knotty alder doors with 8-lite, True Divided lite, clear insulated glass with beveled edges, over single horizontal panel door.
  • It features a matching "eyebrow" transom and knotty alder jambs, dark and 4-1/2” ball bearing hinges.
  • The hardware installed is the ultra-safe Hoppe Multi-Point Locking System with an Emtek lever and matching handle.
  • 3/0 x 8/0, Round Top Maple, 1-3/4" interior door with full length Rainfall glass.
  • Includes 4-916" Maple Flat Jambs with 3-1/2" Delta Maple Casing on each side.
  • Includes Emtek Handle.

Sweet Upgrade in Switzerland (Florida)

Real Nice Remodel on Roscoe

  • This project features Heckard’s Door proprietary 3-Panel Folding patio door system.
  • The only full fiberglass sytem in the U.S. The system consists of three 3’ x 8’, 1-3/4" Plast-Pro Fiberglass Doors with full size clear, insulated, tempered glass.
  • The doors are hung on the Brio track and hardware system providing a simple and elegant solution for expanding your “indoor areas”.
  • In this particular instance the design also included a separate 3-Panel Folding patio door system; creating a wonderful indoor/outdoor area perfect for hosting friends, and maximizing the outdoor area.

Major Transformation in Marsh Landing

  • This striking Heckard’s Door design is a complete retro-fit that features double 3’ X 8’6”, 1 3/4" knotty alder doors, with 3 ODL 8” x 64” Oak Park glass inserts over 1 panel with raised molding on the exterior.
  • The doors are framed with 4 knotty alder jambs, and are hung with 4 1/2 ball bearing hinges.
  • The door is trimmed with alder 3¼” colonial interior casing & 2" alder brickmold exterior trim.

A Move to Modern Walnut at the Beach

  • This custom Heckard’s Door entryway features a simple and elegant design of double 2’10” x 8’, 1-3/4" thick, walnut doors.
  • The 3 glass panels are built with energy efficient clear, insulated, tempered, LOW-E, 1" thick glass.
  • The doors are framed with custom walnut jambs and were hung with 4-1/2" ball bearing hinges.
  • The matching 70" wide x 48" tall walnut transom includes a walnut sash and clear, insulated, LOW-E glass.

Governor's Road PVB

  • This custom Heckard’s Door entryway design offers a modern flare by featuring double 3’ x 8’, 1-3/4" thick, sapele mahogany doors with 6 horizontal panels of clear, insulated, tempered glass.
  • The doors are framed with custom sapele jambs and were hung with 4-1/2" ball bearing hinges.
  • This design also features a custom sapele mahogany eyebrow transom with 1 centered vertical divider bar and clear, insulated glass.
  • The hardware installed is the ultra-safe Hoppe Multi-Point Locking System with an Emtek lever and matching handle.

Riverfront In Mandarin



St. Johns Folding Door

Folding Doors in West Palm Beach

Now we can see the view in Wesley Chapel

Before And After

The Frozenberry

Fro Yo Shop in Newberry, FL

Baughmann Center

Heart of UF Campus on Lake Alice
We made 2 sets of very custom Cypress Doors for this renowned architectural masterpiece. The Baughmann Center hosts hundreds of weddings & ceremonies each year.

C Bar Ranch

Wedding and Event Venue
High Springs, FL