Make A Statement With Your Entryway

You can’t take back a first impression. Whether you are an upper echelon designer, decorator or contractor, you must agree that a striking front entry door is as crucial to the home as any other element when comes to aesthetic design. The Entry Door, more than any other exterior feature of your home, can allow you express your individual taste and style.

“We were building our new home and new that we wanted a grand entry door,” said Mike and Kelly J. of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. “She spent of a lot of time looking at kitchen counter tops and I spent a lot of time looking at layout options for this and that but we both really took the time together on the front entryway because we know how important it is.”

When you are thinking about replacing your entry door, do not be afraid to be bold and stand out from others in your neighborhood. As you are looking at entry doors at other homes around you, it is okay to think about doing something unique that no one else has. That is part of the beauty of it. Most homes in around yours will probably have at least somewhat similar home layout designs and exterior options but the Front Entry Door allows you to truly make a statement.

When thinking about what style of door that you want, let geometry and shapes be on your side. If you have arched walkways through the house or an arched foyer, maybe you go with arched doors or maybe you go with all square to contrast. It is all ok and there are no set rules. If the front of your house is very wide, maybe you should try to get wide or large doors to go along with it. If you have a spanish or Mediterranean style home, maybe doors with wrought iron and glass will fit you best.

“We started out with a single door with two side lites and a square transom and it was builder grade,” said Ellen P of Fernandina Beach, Florida. “We never felt like it was up to par with the rest of the house. When we decided to get the doors replaced, we knew that we wanted something different. Something that our friends or neighbors did not have so we took out the single with sides and transom and put in double doors that are much taller. It totally transformed the home and we are very pleased.”

Often the architects and designers get all the credit for the overall look of homes and doors but some of our best entryways have been thought of by homeowners. People with everyday jobs and lives often come up with the best ideas on schemes and putting things together. We recently had someone who essentially changed every other thing in the home after retro fitting the front entry door. The arched door became the inspiration for them to add interior arches from room to room and to change all of the interior doors to have a similar look and feel. 

Keeping the door proportional with the rest of the home is important. You can also incorporate door accessories such as clavos, speakeasy grills, hinge straps and an endless amount of door handles and hardware to further accent your entryway. You can also always set the door apart by staining or painting it a bold or distinctive color. 

Fiberglass, decorative glass, custom wood, contemporary, rustic, classic, craftsman… The list and the options can be truly overwhelming. If you are thinking about getting new doors, either for new construction or to retro fit, please contact us at Heckard’s Door for more information. You can visit us at or call 904 370 4967 or 352 376 0422.

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