Investing In Doors For Your Foreclosure, Rental Or Flip House

So, you took advantage of that great deal on a foreclosure that you had been waiting on and now you are ready to spend a little money on it to spruce it up. If the house is for you to live in, to rent or to fix up and sell, start with the doors.

Entry Doors, French and Patio Doors and even Interior Doors can really give a home a face lift in a hurry, provide a smart return on your investment, increase energy efficiency and safety and provide lasting functional improvement.

Seasoned home investors, realtors and industry experts agree that the doors should be a primary focus when considering which upgrades to do when remodeling and renovating a home.

“It is my philosophy to start with the outside of the home and work your way in when remodeling a home, “said Marshall McElroy of UpRite Enterprises in Gainesville, Fl. “The doors are okay to spend some money on because you will get it back in the long run and because the doors have to not only look good, but function too, do not skimp on them.”

French Doors are always in style

The doors are the first that people will see upon entering your home, so make a strong and lasting impression. The door also must work hard. A lot of improvements in the home are primarily for looks, but the doors must function well for a long time and be able to endure the weather and elements as well as day to day living.

Several home buying and remodeling magazines and websites, including Consumer Reports states that the entry door should always be a top priority.

Custom wood entry door craftsman style look

If you have a basic or “builder grade” entry door and you replace it with a decorative glass fiberglass or custom wood entry door, you can increase the value of the home between 4-6% depending on the homes value. For example, a 200,000 home with a basic door can be a 212,000 home with a new entry door and in most cases, you only spend 3 to 6,000 on the new door. A great ROI in any book. 

If you have ugly patio doors or sliding glass doors that do not slide well, you can significantly increase the homes value, energy consumption, safety and function by replacing them with energy star approved french doors. Fiberglass doors with internal blinds or low E glass can help to reduce heating and cooling expense and help to save your back from struggling with heavy doors.

“A top complaint of homeowners buying a new house, at least from my clients, is that the doors either do not function well or are ugly or drafty, “said Carolyn McPherson, a realtor in Gainesville, Fl. “You can do a lot of things to improve a home but the doors are one thing that you can do that really improves a lot of things about the home that you enjoy the benefits of right away.”