Home Ready For The Holidays? Start With The Entry Door!

The Doorbell will be ringing a lot in the next few months – Football parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years.. The Holiday season is quickly approaching and your home is a hub for friends and family. Is your door ready to be seen?

Your Entry Door is a first impression of your home to all visitors and neighbors. More than just a gateway in and out of the home, it allows you, perhaps more than any other exterior feature of the home, to express your individual taste and style. Often for homeowners looking to replace the entry door, it is not a matter of “if” but just a matter of “what” kind of door. Today we will look at some options for your new entry door.

Solid Wood Doors

While fiberglass doors are all the rage right now and have many benefits, a solid wood front entry door can be tough to beat. There is just something about the look and feel of a real Mahogany, Fir or Knotty Alder Entry Door that can’t be duplicated by any other type of material. Enhancing your home with the ambiance and warmth of real wood gives the home a unique and distinctive look and feel that will be recognized and appreciated by all. You can go practical, contemporary, classic, modern or craftsman with wood and never go wrong.

“We went back and forth on wood versus fiberglass when deciding about our new front entry door,” said Trevor Luke of Gainesville, Florida. “We liked many of the benefits of the fiberglass but at the end of the day, the real wood was just too nice to pass up. We went with a Craftsman Style Mahogany Door with decorative glass over 2 vertical panels from Heckard’s Door and we could not be happier. It totally changed the look and feel of the house.”

Fiberglass Entry Doors: Old fashion craftsmanship meets new world technology. Some of the most advanced products in the building industry today are the new fiberglass doors. The homeowner can now achieve just about any look imaginable without compromising quality, color or texture. Fiberglass Doors come two ways – to be painted or to be stained. If you are looking to replace your entry door and would like to have a wood look but do not want to worry about the maintenance of real wood, fiberglass doors can provide a long lasting, energy efficient solution. Fiberglass Doors from PlastPro andThermaTru now offer grains that simulate not only Oak, but Mahogany, Fir and Cherry as well. Through years of research and development, fiberglass doors can look just like real wood even to the most trained and seasoned contractors and carpenters.

Knotty Alder Entry Door Before Stain

Decorative Glass Doors

Decorative Glass Front Entry Doors can be done in either wood or fiberglass and can really transform the overall appearance of your home. Especially if you have solid doors without glass and you go to new doors with glass, you will be instantly impressed and pleased with the amount of light coming in. The doorglass makes all the difference. Doorglass from PlastPro, ODL andRSL have and are the benchmark of the industry. All of the glass is at least 1″ thick, triple paned, insulated and tempered, so no matter what style that you choose, you can rest assured that the glass is safe, secure and energy efficient. All of the glass is obscure and varies in how well you can see in or out and each comes with a privacy rating to help you to gauge the levels of obscurity. Enduring designs allow you to make sure you have a style that will best suit you and your home. If you go with Craftsman, Contemporary, Old World or Modern, the new doorglass will serve as a focal point and will be sure to make you “Smile Every Time You Come Home.”

Fiberglass Entry Door with PlastPro Doors and Glass shown before and after