Hire The Best Contractor; Not The Cheapest

The old adage “you get what you pay for” applies in many aspects of our world today but none may be more so than in the Home Improvement Industry.

With the advantages that consumers now hold with technology such as quick search results and social media; businesses, especially consumer service based, are more transparent than ever before. Your ability to do your due diligence and homework on a particular contractor or company is easier than ever to get real, informative answers before you contact them and invite them to your home. You can review sites such as Angie’s List and theBetter Business Bureau as well as check out reviews on google and facebook.

Home Improvement and Remodeling

“We had been burned a few times over the years by going with the lowest bid or the cheapest quote,” said Lorraine of Gainesville, Florida. “On our most recent project we were able to research before we called for the quotes and then once we got the estimates, we felt more informed about the process and why the price was what is was and we actually went with the highest quote and we are glad we did.”

Many people do not drive a Mercedes because they want to be flashy but rather because they recognize quality, dependability, craftsmanship and most of all – because it gives peace of mind. At the end of the day the most crucial decisions come down to peace of mind and the same goes for choosing your contractor for your home improvement project. If you choose the cheapest bid, you may get the job done but will it be done right and on time?

Lets look at this from a logical standpoint with real numbers. You are planning to spend $10,000 on your specified project and intend to get three bids. You do your homework on line, ask friends and neighbors and schedule the consultations. The numbers come in at $9,500, $10,500 and $12,000 and you are not sure why the cost varies so much when you asked for the same scope of work and chose the same materials with each place. The difference may be in the details… If you choose the middle bid and they end up taking an extra day and you have to take off work, was it worth it? If you choose the lowest bid and they mess up something that has to be re-done or even worse – damage something else in your home or make a big mess, was it worth it? An extra day from work combined with extra problems is probably not worth the difference in cost.

If you think the project will be “X” amount and the bid actually comes in less, you should be alarmed right away. What are they missing? Are they using cheaper products or workmanship? Are they hoping to do it for that amount but may have to add stuff in later so the price actually increases? These are legitimate questions that you should ask yourself as well as the contractor. It is not so say that you should always go with the highest bid or to say that the most expensive contractor is always the best. That is the point of this article is that there is no “always” and you have to do your part by not only researching but trusting your instinct.

Some projects such as painting, landscaping or air duct cleaning are not permanent and can be done over if needed without too much trouble. However, major home remodeling projects like window and door replacement, kitchens, baths and flooring are things that are probably going to be done only one time (you hope) and you want to be as sure as possible before you decide on who you choose. 

French Doors Replaced Sliding Glass Doors

“We had 5 sets of large sliding glass doors to replace and I was very apprehensive about finding someone that could do it right, “said Bill W. of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. “I spoke with four or five places before I found Heckard’s Door but as soon as I talked to Heckard’s, I knew that I had found the right place and I was correct. They were not the cheapest but the job was done right and on time and they kept the house clean and made everything go smooth. That is what you pay for. The end result to be what you wanted but also the process to go smooth.”