French & Patio Doors

Are your sliding glass doors hard to open? Are your doors letting the good air out and the bugs in? Are you worried that your sliding glass doors are not safe? Are you tired of fighting with your old French doors? Have you been told that you have an odd size? Have the box stores or national brands gave you an outrageous quote or told you that it can't be done?

French and Patio Doors are one of the most popular features of any home. The provide convenient access and full function while creating full views that allow natural light.

While old-style sliding glass and patio doors are known for low energy efficiency, water leakage and poor security, modern doors offer tremendous improvements. The doors themselves along with the frames and glass are more energy efficient, more secure and do not have the same issues that your old doors do.

We can install beautiful French, hinged, swinging or folding doors to replace your sliding glass doors. We can retro fit almost any size and have done hundreds of custom units over the years.

Our fiberglass door units with pvc frames are guaranteed to never rot, swell, rust, ding or splinter. There are numerous choices and options available for any size home and any budget. Make sure that you get the French and patio doors that will best fit your house by consulting with us. We take pride in helping you to get exactly what you're looking for.

Heckard's Door Specialties provides and installs Hurricane Impact rated doors for all of Florida.

We carry and install French and Patio Doors from PlastPro, Jeld-Wen and Neuma with glass from those companies as well as ODL.

  • Get a great new look!
  • Improve your home's energy consumption and value
  • Have nice, functioning doors that last a lifetime. It’s a no-brainer!
  • All units are guaranteed not to rot, warp, split, rust, ding or absorb moisture. This is an easy and affordable upgrade for your home that can be done in just a few hours.


When choosing a style, the look is important, but also the functionality of the door that most accommodate your home and style of living.

Swinging or Hinged Style Patio Doors -

  • These doors operate like most other doors in your home, they are hinged to the jamb and either swing in or out. These door units can come in almost in size from 5' to 18' wide and from 6'-8" tall to 8' tall. There are many glass options to choose from to customize your doors. Clear glass, internal grills in 4,8,10,12,15 and 18 light options along with internal miniblinds, shades or frosted and opaque glass. These doors typically hinge out the sides and meet in the middle. Usually a primary door is opened and the other door can open by unlocking the flush bolts in the t-astragal. Benefits of this style include a full opening when both doors are open and less maintenance over the life of the door because the weight of the doors are on the hinges instead of tracks and rollers that could possibly wear out over time.
  • Heckard's Door also builds units that are hinged in the middle with one active and one fixed door to allow for better function in certain home set ups and applications.

Sliding or Gliding Patio Doors -

  • These doors consist of two or more panels and slide or glide to the left or right. These doors are popular in many areas because they also allow a screen to be easily used along with the doors to allow air flow but keep out pests. These doors are often best when the home does not have room for a hinged door to swing either in or out. We most often install Neuma Gliding Door systems.