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Are you tired of your sliding glass doors? Sick of trying to fight to get them open and closed? Do not want to watch the heat and air get in and out because of them? Time to upgrade from sliding glass doors to hinged, swinging, french doors.

French Doors hold many advantages over sliding glass doors. French Doors are more energy efficient,more durable and last longer, are more safe, allow more function and space and just plain look better!

If you have aluminum sliding glass doors with single pane glass and you were to upgrade to Fiberglass French Doors with Low E glass, you are making a very smart upgrade to your home in all aspects, especially energy efficiency.

Fiberglass Doors with Prairie Muntin Glass

“Our electric bill was outrageous and we were fed up with paying so much in utilities, “said Susan Regalado of Gainesville, FL. “We had an energy audit and they told us that our sliding glass doors, we had 6 sets, were a major problem. We had Heckard’s Door replace them with French Doors with blinds and the difference was tremendous and came right away. The next month, our bill was about half of what it was.”

Most homes have sliding glass doors that are “builder grade” meaning that they were the cheapest on the market when the home was built and that is not good. Even if you have the best sliding glass doors available, they are still sliding glass doors and will have issues over time with opening and closing or fogging in many instances.

Many home owners that have large sliding glass doors are often at a loss when it comes to trying to have them repaired or replaced. For example, a sliding glass door that is 12′ wide and 8′ tall is very heavy and cumbersome and there is not a replacement for them readily available at the local box store. Even if you try to “special order” them, they will be costly and the logistics of trying to install a new unit that large in a finished house will present problems.

Heckard’s Door has the solution to the problems regardless of the size of your current sliding glass door. We can retro fit any size and make it look like the doors have always been there.

Retro Fit of 8' sliding glass doors to french doors

“We had 8 foot tall sliding glass doors with one set 12 feet wide and the other 16 feet wide,” said Jerry McCrone of Ocala, Fl. “We contacted all the manufactures that we could find and no one could help us but then we found Heckard’s Door and they were able change them out to Fiberglass French Doors with no problem. They did a great job and did it in one day. I still don’t know how they did it.”

As far as home improvement projects go, replacing those sliding glass doors with French Doors is about as smart of an improvement as you could do. You will increase the value of the home more than you will spend on the project and that in itself is reason enough, let alone all of the other benefits.

You can get french doors with clear glass, internal miniblinds, decorative glass, prarie muntin or tradional grills. Heckard’s installs PlastPro Fiberglass Doors with ODL doorglass with numerous sytles to choose from. You may also opt “flush glazed” doors where the glass is built directly into the door, rather than being a separate insert. Sizing is more limited on the flush glazed but they offer a sleek look that may fit your taste or home better.

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