Custom Folding Door Systems

Folding Door Systems can completely transform a room or entire home. One moment bi-folding doors are acting as an effective, secure barrier from rain, wind and noise; the next they are effortlessly moved aside to reveal wide open space — with no fixed glass, panels or posts. Our folding door system is a customer favorite!

Heckard’s Florida Folding Door System is built with a continuous track on the top and bottom that opens with an accordion-style function. This allows you to create an opening as large as you like. You can instantly transform any room in your home into an amazing indoor/outdoor living space. The system is ideal for entertaining and hosting events because you can have a one of a kind environment that everyone can enjoy. We also offer custom sizing for retro fit applications so you can get one even if you have existing patio or sliding glass doors. We specialize in making the home look like the system has always been there.

Unique Folding Doors

With our custom folding doors, you can have natural light and air flow in just a matter of seconds. Our system features multiple configurations and options. You can have all of the doors open to one side or you can split them and have one or more go to one side and the others to the opposing side. We can do as few as 3 panels and up to 12 door panels with a span of 36 feet. You do need a minimum of 8 feet of width to allow for the 3 panels. We offer 6-foot height as well as 8-foot tall units. We build each unit to order so that you can get a custom patio door system that fits you best. The fiberglass doors come with Energy Star approved LowE glass so that you know you’re folding door system is energy efficient and blocking the sun and weather out when closed. We offer the tracks and hardware in flat black, oil rubbed bronze and stainless steel. We also offer the folding doors with internal miniblinds (an industry first) that allow you to tilt as well as raise and lower the blinds for privacy and added protection against the sun.

Because we are also a state-certified contractor, we offer and provide installation of our bifolding door in both new construction and remodel and retro fit situations. We can either make the unit for you or we can handle the entire project for order until we give you the new keys.

Heckard’s Folding Door system is also available with our multi-point locking system for added safety, security and longevity. The multi-point locking system allows the door to lock securely at either 3 or 6 points, depending on the system that you get. We offer a wide variety of handles and deadbolts as well.