Folding Door Systems Provide Unmatched Versatility And Function

Folding Doors Systems can completely transform a room or entire home. One moment bi folding doors are acting as an effective, secure barrier from rain, wind and noise. The next they are effortlessly moved aside to reveal wide open space - with no fixed glass, panels or posts.

These systems operate accordion-style, which means each section slides on an overhead track and neatly folds away for full access to the indoors or outdoors. Folding Door Systems are available in a variety of options and can be as narrow as 6' wide and as large as 24' feet (see above picture of home in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida) They can be made up to 48' for doors opening from the center with a properly engineered header. The configurations of the door systems are completely customizable and can be made to fit your taste and home perfectly. For example, you could have one active door that is hinged and opens as a typical door and then when you release the throw bolts, you could have the other 3, 4 or 5 doors open and fold to the opposite side.


"We knew that we always wanted to have the folding door system in our home but did not know if it was possible for who could do it, "said Christy B. of Gainesville, Florida. "We found Heckard's Door at the Home and Patio Show and saw that they could do it. They were able to build and install the door system for us and we love it. It is perfect for entertaining or just letting the breeze in on a nice day. It is definitely one of our favorite things about our house."

There is no better door system to help open your home for parties or get togethers or to just let the home and nature become one. The doors can be used in various applications from private residences to storefronts or restaurants. Because of the heavy duty weight bearing capacity of the track and hardware, the precisely functioning systems are really only limited by imagination or space. If the space is there, the doors can go to. Because all of the weight is on the over head track, there is never a worry of the doors getting heavy, hard to open or rollers on the bottom becoming problematic like with sliding glass doors.


The door systems can be made of wood for fiberglass doors. In all cases, the doors must be "flush glazed" meaning that the glass is built into the door and the glass does not have a frame that sits above the surface of the doors, which allows them to stack without interference. In areas where severe weather or high exposure are a potential issue, it is highly recommended to go with fiberglass. The door systems are very tough and has been certified to meet Miami-Dade County hurricane standards, the toughest testing anywhere in the world. With Low E glass, the energy efficiency of the folding door system is also top notch, keeping not only wind and rain out, but harmful solar rays as well


You do not have to sacrifice any performance or aesthetics to gain the unmatched versatility and function. You can even choose the finish of your hardware for the carriers, guides, pivots, hinges, track and handle sets. Brass, stainless steel and oil rubbed bronze are most popular but just about any color can be done by having the hardware powder coated, a service offered byHeckard's Door. The systems also are available with or without screens, which are made by Centor.


For more information on Folding Door Systems, please contact Heckard's Door at (904) 370-4967 or (352) 376-0422.