Custom Door FAQs & Guides


No problem. Heckard’s Door builds every unit that we install to order so that it fits your home perfectly. In most cases, customization of the new door is required in “retro-fit” applications. Because of that fact, we know going into the project that most all doors are different sizes and “standard” is not truly defined. We can use wood or fiberglass to achieve any size that you require.

All of the glass installed is up to the newest State of Florida building codes for both Hurricane Impact and non-impact glass. Regardless of style, the glass is 1-inch thick, insulated and tempered to prevent shatter. All decorative door glass for entry doors is tripled-paned and provide the highest level of safety available.

All of the decorative glass for the entry doors is obscure. While you can see through some better than others, all of the glass features opaque characteristics that keep people outside from seeing in clearly. None of the decorative glass is completely clear, and it is reflective during the day. Some of the glass is so obscure that no one could see in regardless. There are numerous options to fit your needs and preference regarding visibility though the entry door glass.

Yes. Because we provide and install the new doors, it is often best to set up a time at your home to meet about the new door project. Heckard’s Door is a full-service door company, so we also provide all casing, trim and molding along with all door hardware and locks. We can often give you an estimate by you measuring and sending us a picture of your existing door. If you already know what you like, we can give you a quote via phone or email. For exact pricing and to go over all details, especially for larger projects, an in-home consultation is suggested.

Yes. Regardless of the size of your current sliding glass doors, Heckard’s Door can provide French, Patio and hinged, swinging doors for you. We have multiple options to choose from. We have encountered many customers over the years who have been told that they could not have French doors because the sliding glass doors that they had were too large or difficult. Not so! We can handle it. Just call and set up at time and we are happy to show you how.

Yes. In most cases you should have enough room to allow a double-door entry door to be installed. We have come across many homeowners who had been told that this was not possible. We can make your entry look like the double doors were always meant to be there.

Yes. With the same logic as the other way around. If you had room for a double door, we can install a door with two sidelites to fit your opening.

Yes. In most cases the transom is not replaced, however it certainly can be done. If the glass that you chose for the doors is available in the size of your transom, we can match it. We also can take 6-foot to 8-foot doors with transoms to 8-foot doors in many cases. We can also custom make you a new transom with endless options available.

Yes. Heckard’s Door will provide the correct hardware needed for your door project. We offer all types of door hardware, from basic to decorative and ornate. We carry Kwikset, Emtek and Baldwin. We offer hardware in every available finish including solid brass, stainless steel, chrome and oil rubbed bronze with all others also available.

Not in most cases. Heckard’s Door specializes in door replacement. In our experience, it is very rare to be able to effectively repair an existing door. In most cases, once the door has gone bad, it is difficult or impossible to correctly improve without replacing.

Yes. Heckard’s Door can handle any type of exterior or interior door project for your entire home. We can replace just one interior or exterior door. We can also replace all of your interior and exterior doors regardless of the size of the home or number of doors. Heckard’s is equipped for anything that you could possible need when replacing the doors in your home.

Yes. Heckard’s Door will take care of applying for and securing the proper permits needed for your project. No work will be done without an on-site permit if it is required. Heckard’s Door also handles scheduling the inspection(s) needed after the work is complete.

It depends. If you are changing the frame of the door, yes. If you are changing just the door but leaving the jambs/frame, you do not. Each county handles the permitting requirements and process differently, but Heckard’s Door always adheres to the Florida Building Code requirements and guidelines.

The knowledge and experience that Heckard’s Door provides our clients is second to none. While many box stores have high turnover, Heckard’s Door does not. Because we specialize in doors, our knowledge of the industry allows us to offer the most choices and options to our customers. Our process is much easier and takes the guessing out of the project for the homeowner. We offer in-home consultations to ensure that you are aware of all possibilities when selecting your new doors. Our products are also superior to the box stores. Box stores simply want to advertise the lowest price, therefore offering lower quality components than Heckard’s Door. Our Craftsmanship is also far superior to the box stores. We install doors every day in countless settings. Doors are often not easy to change out and can present numerous challenges for someone that is not prepared or knowledgeable. Heckard’s Door offers expert craftsmanship to ensure your project is done correctly from start to finish.





An estimate is an approximation of what the project should cost. This typically includes both materials needed for the project and the time and materials needed to properly complete the job. An estimate is not an in home consultation and is not a guaranteed final cost.

A meeting in which a person with a certain expertise guides and consults with someone with less expertise in the subject matter. Some examples are doctors, lawyers, and contractors. A consultation includes a showroom visit by the client, or an in home visit where one of our professionals visits your home. In most cases, a consultation is not necessary for an estimate. Clients that request an in-Home consultation may be charged a consultation fee.

A person that provides a service requiring special training, education and skills. A professional is compensated for their time as it relates to services provided and/or time they have dedicated to a project.

A binding agreement between two or more persons or parties. In most cases for the supply of goods or services and the related cost to the purchaser.

A written statement providing a guarantee of a product and states that the maker is responsible for repairing or replacing the product within a certain period of time after its purchase due to defects during the manufacturing process, etc. A warranty provides specific coverage, usually outlined by manufacturers or companies; certain aspects of a product/service, may not be included in the warranty. An important distinction is the difference in a warranty that covers materials and components but does not cover the labor costs associated with the replacement of the defective item. That is: material warranties typically cover components that are replaced or repaired at no additional cost to the customer; however, while the component or part is covered by the manufacturer, the labor required to replace said component may or may not be covered.

A professional that provides a certain service and/or certain product. Typically, the products and services are performed based on written agreements between the contractor and client, each having an understanding of the scope of work, the time required to complete that defined scope of work, and the corresponding cost of said work.

Something that is set up and established by authority as a rule for the measure of quantity, weight, extent, value or quality.

A Building Permit is a legal document that gives you permission to start construction of a building project at an agreed upon location, within a set time frame, in accordance with approved drawings and specifications. It also gives lending institutions the assurance that the contractor is licensed, insured and has a legal right to build the project. Generally, when any owner, authorized agent, or contractor who desires to construct, enlarge, alter, move, demolish, or change the occupancy of a building or structure, or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing system, a permit is required.

Door hardware generally refers to door knobs, levers, deadbolt, etc.