Entry Doors

Entry Doors | Wood, Fiberglass & Decorative Glass

Heckard’s Door can transform the look, feel and function of your home with a new entryway. We are the door company and we are the contractor. Basic, Brilliant or Beautiful, your vision will be achieved with our built to order entry doors. Do you have an unusually sized entryway? No problem; we build every unit for each individual home. Do you want a lifetime guarantee on a worry-free unit? Heckard’s does it at no extra charge. Whether it's wood, fiberglass, fiberglass that looks like wood, or decorative glass, it doesn’t matter.

 We use only the finest hand selected wood species that are best for doors in our Florida climate. We know that if our doors perform as well as they do and long as long as they do in Florida, that they will do well anywhere. Each custom entry door that we install is hand made in our shop by real people right here in Florida. We do not use filler or fake materials or substitues or short cuts - just top notch craftsmanship and materials. Our front entry doors have been tested in both the lab and homes just like yours.

We work closely with you to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. We believe that you should not be limited by what you can have because your home has a certain size. We will create the entryway that will actually work for you and then we do the retro fit of your existing entry doors and install the new doors with expert knowledge and touch.
We make all of our own millwork, molding, casing and trim - in just about any species of wood and just about any size or profile. We provide and install the hardware for your doors to ensure that you are safe and secure. We also offer prefinish and staining of our custom wood doors.

Why Choose Heckard's Entry Doors?

  • Improves safety of the home with stronger doors, jambs and hardware.
  • Improves the overall appearance and curb appeal.
  • Adds value: add up to 6% of your home’s value by upgrading the entryway  while only spending a fraction of that.
  • Improves function: Old doors that do not open or shut well are a pain.
  • Wood vs. Decorative glass: Would you prefer the open and bright feeling  of a decorative glass door, or the privacy and security of a solid wood  door? You don't have to choose! Many of our doors combine decorative  glass and wood.

Energy Efficient, Customized Entryways

With over 150 entry door glass designs, and a variety of wood door patterns, you can be assured that your door will be unique and distinguished from others in your neighborhood. Also, in most cases, you can choose the configuration of your entryway. Heckard’s also features Low-E Energy Star glass and severe weather and impact-resistant glass and frames. Increase your curb appeal, aesthetic value, function and efficiency with new entry doors. You’ll smile Every Time You Come Home. We encourage you to give us a call so we can meet about your new entry doors. You can call our Gainesville location at 352-376-0422 or our Jacksonville location at 904-370-4967.