Doors Are Key To Keeping The Cold Out

Well insulated doors are essential to protecting your home from the elements of wind, rain and severe temperatures both hot and cold. Fiberglass Doors have come a long way over the years and now offer solutions for every exterior door situation in the home.

Fiberglass exterior doors are made up of two key parts. First, the exterior is a resin based, fiberglass skin that acts as the shield to everyday life, if it is weather, or pets or children being rough and tough on them. The second is the insulated foam core. The Polyurethane Foam Core is very dense (think of how a boat is made) and is what provides the insulation of the door and protect against extreme temperature changes. If you are in Florida, it can be 25 degrees and 75 degrees in the same day. If you have metal or wood doors, your home is most likely going to not perform near as well from a heating and cooling standpoint as if you have fiberglass doors. The foam core is also a sound barrier and provides insualtion up to sixtimes greater than wood doors.

Fiberglass French Doors with Sidelites and Pet Door

“I noticed a huge difference in the inside temperature of our house right away after we had the new fiberglass doors installed. “Said Cindy of St. Augustine, Florida. “We replaced the entry door, 2 sets of french doors, the door off the master and the door leading to the garage. The next month our electric bill was 240 dollars less than the previous three months average. So we are very, very happy with our new fiberglass doors.”

In 1994, PlastPro introduced an advanced hydro shield Technology that allows the doors to be protected on all six sides through the issue of composite materials. This process ensures that no part of the core of the door is susceptible to weather, especially water. The doors and frames (made of pvc composite material and not wood) go through extensive testing for performance in all types of conditions to make sure that they can stand up to real world circumstances. The doors preform so well, that PlastPro offers a lifetime warranty on many of the fiberglass doors and 25-year warranty is the minimum.

PlastPro Rustic Fiberglass with Wrought Iron Door Glass

Fiberglass doors have not only came a long way as far as performance and durability, they have made perhaps an even larger improvement in the options, styles and appearance of the doors. Originally the fiberglass doors were available in a smooth, white surface that was to be painted. Not long after, companies offered them in a woodgrain surface that allowed the doors to be stained and have a wood look but the with the benefit of fiberglass. While both of those skins have been greatly improved, the new line of fiberglass doors that are available to both builders and homeowners, allows people to get a look that was never before possible. 

Now you can get fiberglass doors that look like Rustic Wood, Mahogany, Fir, Cherry and True White Oak. These options combined with the poly fiber and pvc frames and the dozens of beautiful decorative door glass designs, allow the homeowner to have one of a kind look without the worries that metal and wood doors can create. No rust, no dings, no rot, no warp, no problems.

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