Decorative Door Glass And What To Know Before You Buy

Heckard’s Door has installed thousands of decorative glass doors over the years and has worked individually with each and every homeowner that decided to proceed with getting decorative door glass.

The vast majority of the homeowners that were remodeling and put the entry door tops on the priority list had the same two major concerns. Can the door glass be easily broken and can people easily see through from the outside?

In other words, does getting a front door that has glass, especially a large amount, compromise the safety and privacy of the home? In most cases, the answers are a resounding No and No!

“We looked at doors for what seemed like forever and a day and went back and forth from solid doors to doors with a little glass to doors with full glass, “said Jan of Jacksonville, Florida. “We met with the box stores and a few local contractors and met with Heckard’s Door and loved their approach and door glass options. We chose a full length door glass for our double entry door and we love it! It lets the light in and you can’t see in from outside hardly at all and I do not feel any less secure by having it.”

Glass ranges in privacy levels as far how well you can see in from the outside or vice versa. Some models, such as the Raidant Hues from ODL offers a contemporary look but is not the most private while the ODL Impressions is still contemporary but is very obscure and can’t be seen through hardly at all.

Regardless of the style or privacy, the safety is about the same in all designs. Triple paned with a decorative glass panel sealed between two panels of tempered safety glass, insulated for air and water

A new model, the Array from ODL, offers a light control system where two sliding panels of perforated aluminum provide users with a simple way to control privacy and light levels in a highly designed, fully assembled door glass system.

ODL Array Light Control System Doorglass

Doors and door glass especially have come a long way over the years and companies such as ODL, RSL, PlastPro, ThermaTru and Masonite have spent millions of dollars and countless hours researching, testing and perfecting the product so that it is not only beautiful, but safe and private as well.

ODL, known as the benchmark in the industry has been building value in the door glass products for 68 years and are constantly working to improve through customer engagement and market adaptation. In other words, they listen to want the people want and adjust accordingly.

A beautifully designed entry door sets the stage for the rest of the home. It tells the world something about who you are. And creates a welcoming passage from the public space to the private home. Nothing does that better than handcrafted door glass. It’s a wise investment that improves the look and value of your home and adds beauty to everyday living.

You can now also customize your doorglass to get the exact style and design that you’re looking fore. You can also match the caming to coordinate with door hardware, fixtures and furnishings. Whether you have a single door, door with sidelites or a double door, you can really get just about anything you like to make your door all your own.

“The entry door has easily been the best upgrade that we have done to our home, “said Pat and Judy of Gainesville, Florida. “We chose fiberglass doors with full length decorative glass and I love them and everyone that comes by compliments them. They are a great conversation piece and gives me a chance to recommend Heckard’s Door.”