Custom Wood Entry Doors

The entryway to your home is more than just a passage from the exterior to inside. It is the one exterior feature that allows you to express your individuality in a bold way without saying a word. We understand how important the front door of your home is. It welcomes all of your friends and family, protects you from the outside world, greets you each time you come home and sees you goodbye each time you leave.

We at Heckard’s Door take this significant selection very seriously. Each one of our custom wood doors is hand crafted by our remarkably skilled professional wood workers. We take no shortcuts and build each and every door by hand, in our shop in Florida, for you with great care and pride. Our artisan design approach allows you to truly customize each element of your new entry door down to each and every detail. Our goal is that you will be able to keep your door for as long or longer than you own your home.

We build doors for Florida and our crazy climate. Over the years, wood doors have been getting a bad rap for being unreliable and problematic. The problem is not that the doors that have been failing all over have been wood – the problem has been that they were not being built with the species of woods or the construction process that we have created and practice that allows our custom wood entry doors to sustain the harsh Florida weather and stay looking great and functioning properly for years. So if you are looking at our doors and you are not in Florida, you are most certainly in good shape with a Heckard’s Door.

The process of your new entry doors takes dozens and dozens of hours and a tremendous amount of planning, thought, care and execution. We hand select each and every board that goes into your new entry door to ensure that you are getting wood that is free of major defects and are not compromised in any way. We start out by hand drawing each door to your specifications to make sure that it will be a perfect fit whether it be for new construction or remodel. We offer Sapele Mahogany, Knotty Alder, Cypress, Walnut, Fir, Cherry, Teak, Ipe and Poplar for exterior doors.

After the wood is selected, we determine the glass size and type – with each and every piece being hand-made and cut right here in Florida. Each piece of glass, weather you choose just clear, clear with bevel, frosted, rain, water, reeded, Flemish or another – you know that it will be double paned, insulated, tempered, energy efficient and hand set by us. We also offer multiple sticking and panel designs to ensure that you are able to get exactly the look you want. You will see that all of our photos are real and our work. We do not use stock photos that national suppliers and vendors use and give out. Those are for the regular door places. Our pictures may not be perfect and may have a ladder or a level in it, but you can know that it was taken at a home not too far from you (most cases) and was taken by us to show you what is possible.

We provide any and all door hardware that you need as well. Our custom wood doors feature a multi point locking system that engages at 3 points on single doors and 5 points on double doors. The German engineered system not only provides unmatched safety against potential intruders and keeps the door sealed and locked tight each and every time, it also helps to keep the door from ever warping because of the steel rod up the vertical edge. We couple the system with multiple handle and finish options to ensure that you get just the look that fits you and your home best.

We also make and provide all of our own molding, millwork and trim so that you can finish your doors out with the same beautiful and warm woods as the door to really give you a complete entryway. We can make any size and any profile molding to either give you a distinct new look or to match something that can’t be found at the box stores. We are especially useful when it comes to remodeling and renovating older homes with very odd sizes. We can help make your retro fit nightmare go like a dream.

We provide a large amount of custom wood entry doors for new homes, but what truly sets us apart from any other company, is our ability to design and built custom wood doors that will fit your home and existing opening regardless of how odd of a size or situation you may have. We have hundreds of examples of drastic entryway transformations that have given the home a face lift and complete new look in just one day in most cases.

Our design and build process allows you to get just about any door style that you like to retro fit your existing doors and give your home the new look that you desire. We offer dozens of styles in Craftsman, Contemporary, Modern, Traditional, Art Deco, Rustic, Mission and others. If you can’t find an existing door style that you love, we can design something for you. If you look at our gallery of doors, dozens and dozens of them started as a rough sketch at a dining room table and turned out to be a focal point of the home. If you have a single door, double doors, door with sidelights, transom - we can create a new unit to go back with the same configuration or perhaps you are thinking about a different opening and we can help accomplish that too.

Heckard’s Door offers pre-finish options on all of our custom wood entry doors. We offer stain colors for each wood species and then top coat with several applications of marine varnish that we spray in our finish booth. The marine varnish protects against rain and water but more importantly, blocks harmful UV rays.

Which brings us back to why we build doors for Florida. Each and every detail and component of your door system has been tried and tested and proven to be the best available and that is why we use the materials and process that we do – because we have had wonderful results for years in the toughest climate in the nation.

Our doors go to the engineering lab right here in Florida to get tested for water infiltration, wind speed and design pressure. This testing is to ensure that the doors we are providing to you are able to stand up to the harsh and severe storms that we have so often here in The Sunshine State. Our doors have a Florida Product Approval on the design, construction, materials and installation so that you can rest assured you are getting a top quality product that will last. The testing is very extensive and not easy to pass and have a Florida Product Approval. (We do not have Miami-Dade approval)

Our Custom Wood Entry Doors are our flagship and what we hang our hat on. We take great pride in knowing that you are trusting us with an important decision that you only want to make one time. That is why you choose Heckard’s Door – because you want to “Smile Every Time You Come Home”