Curb Appeal, Safety, Function, Energy Efficiency – Doors Do It All

When making your list of home improvement ideas this spring, make sure that you have new doors as a top priority. If you have been wanting new doors, this is a smart time of year to go ahead get it done. If you have been needing new doors, do not put it off any longer! 

Time to replace this metal entry door and wood frame with a new fiberglass door

If you have been considering replacing doors in your home whether it be a new front entry door, French or patio doors or interior doors, think about what you're really doing for your home and your family. By getting rid of an entry door that has outdated hardware or that is letting heat out, you are not only improving the looks of your home, but are also making your family more safe and helping to keep costs down by not overpaying in utility expense due to a leaky door.

"I knew that I always wanted a new front door from the time we bought our house," said Nancy M. of Jacksonville Beach, Florida. "I could see light all around the door and it was drafty and was just ugly. I looked into replacing and went with a fiberglass entry door with decorative glass and I love it. It is not only a very beautiful door with also does not let air through and it is still private even with the glass."

Rustic Fiberglass Entry Door with Wrought Iron Glass

If you have a metal or steel front entry door, you most likely can see that is has some dings, dents and/or rust spots as well as feel the hot and cold outside air coming through. Consider replacing with a fiberglass entry door that will not fall victim to weather and will provide much better insulation and protection from the elements.

If you have a older wood entry door, you may be fine by getting another wood door that is constructed better and made out of a quality wood species such as mahogany or knotty alder if you really prefer natural wood. However, you may be inclined to look at some of the fiberglass door options that look like real wood. PlastPro, for example, has simulated wood grain options in oak, mahogany, fir and now cherry. These doors will really give you the look and feel of wood but the with energy efficiency and maintenance free life of fiberglass. Truly the best of both worlds and fiberglass doors are typically less expensive than a similar wood door option. On average, if you spend 4-6k on a retro fit of a front entry, you will increase the value of your home 12-15k. So you should look at the upgrade more as an investment than as an expense. 

Fiberglass French Doors shown after sliding glass door conversion

If you have a old sliding glass door that either does not open and close well or is letting bugs in and conditioned air out, you are making a permanent improvement to your home that will help the day to day function and help you and your family to live more comfortably. Consider choosing fiberglass french or patio doors that will not only function smoothly and provide more security, but will be a more energy efficient solution for years to come. Over a decade, just upgrading a sliding glass door to French doors can save you hundreds - if not thousands - of dollars. 

"One of the smartest things that we ever did as far as home improvements was to convert the sliding glass doors to French style fiberglass doors," said Randall C. of Orange Park, Florida. "My wife and kids could barely open and close that sliding door and it always felt like someone could break right into it. We are very happy with the new French Doors."