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3 Reasons To NOT Try To Replace Doors Yourself

Posted By Heckard's Door on June 4, 2014

There are a lot of do-it-yourself projects around the house that can be fairly easy to accomplish and even fun to tackle yourself. Need a wall painted? Probably ok to try yourself and you can paint over it if you mess up. Need to put up a shelf or change the wallpaper? Go ahead and give it a shot. Need to replace a door? Make sure that you hire a professional that is experienced, licensed and reputable. Read More

Low E Glass And What It Means For Your House

Posted By Heckard's Door on June 4, 2014

Often in the construction and home improvement industry, terms and lingo are used that the average person would never use or know what they are. So many products are supposed to be good and bad for the house and home and health, but what is what and how do you know? Today we will start with one that you should familiarize yourself with and understand fully; Low E glass. Read More

5 Ways To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Posted By Heckard's Door on June 4, 2014

The temperatures are quickly rising and if your home is not energy efficient, your heating and cooling bill will be as well. Read More

3 Ways To Know That Your Doors Are Safe

Posted By Heckard's Door on June 4, 2014

Safety is a top priority to all of us. Whether you are shopping for a car or a stroller or a microwave, safety is always on our minds and rightfully so. Read More

Curb Appeal, Safety, Function, Energy Efficiency – Doors Do It All

Posted By Heckard's Door on February 12, 2014

When making your list of home improvement ideas this spring, make sure that you have new doors as a top priority. If you have been wanting new doors, this is a smart time of year to go ahead get it done. If you have been needing new doors, do not put it off any longer! Read More