3 Reasons To NOT Try To Replace Doors Yourself

Try not to replace doors yourself!

There are a lot of do-it-yourself projects around the house that can be fairly easy to accomplish and even fun to tackle yourself. Need a wall painted? Probably ok to try yourself and you can paint over it if you mess up. Need to put up a shelf or change the wallpaper? Go ahead and give it a shot. Need to replace a door? Make sure that you hire a professional that is experienced, licensed and reputable.

1. Doors are not cheap (Especially exterior)

While not all doors are really expensive, they are enough money that you will not want to buy another one if you, or someone you know, does a poor job of replacing them. A fiberglass exterior door unit starts out at around $500 for even the most basic product. With so many options available, it is almost impossible for you to know what the industry offers and the differences in quality. That is why often times, you need a professional to assist you in choosing the best doors for your home to ensure that you get a good preforming product that will work for you home, swing the way that you need it to swing, be the correct size all the way around and be able to have the right hardware and molding. New doors can save you money on energy costs, prevent break-ins and loss and increase the value of the home, but if you waste money trying to replace yourself and fail, you are not coming out ahead.

2. Doors are heavy and cumbersome

Most of you have never tried to pick up or move an entire door unit (includes door and frame). An average fiberglass exterior door unit (3′ wide by 6-8″ in height) weighs about 75 pounds and is awkward to carry alone. Even if the weight of the door unit is not a big issue to you, it is still difficult to manuever, especially through your home with furniture and breakable items. You do not want to look like the “Mayhem” commercials on television. Not only could you end up with damages to the door unit or your home, you could also end up at the chiropractor.

Think about the logistics of the process. You must go find the door that will work and get it and get it loaded in your vehicle. Then you must get it home and when you do, you must get it out of the vehicle and be able to put it somewhere at your home out of harm’s way. Then, you must remove the existing door that you are replacing and move that heavy door. Then, install the new door and then get rid of the old one. That is a minimum of 5 times to move a large, heavy item. Better call someone who is experienced and ready for such a project.

3. There are too many options

We touched on this a little earlier when discussing price and cost but it needs to be stressed that there is no way for you to know all of your options to make an educated decision on your own. Even if you are a veteran product researcher, most manufacturer websites will only help you with the look and the style. Things like knowing what type of door is better versus another type (such as fiberglass vs metal or pvc frames vs wood frames) need to be expained by someone who has years of experience in dealing with them. While you may be able to choose the glass style that would suit your home best by yourself, are you able to ensure that you are getting the correct frame, threshold, hinges, handle sets and so on..? Proabably not. You go get help when choosing the right car, cell phone or kitchen appliance and it should be the same approach when looking to get doors replaced.