3 Ways To Accessorize Your Entry Door

Accessorizing Your Entry Door

Been wanting to update your front door but not wanting to go through the entire retro fit process? If your door Entry Door is in good shape and you simply desire a new aesthetic upgrade and a way to spruce up the home, there are some things that can be done without spending the money for a complete replacement.

Do some looking around your neighborhood, glance in a few Do It Yourself magazines and if you are tech savvy, apps and sites like Houzz and Pintrest can give a plethora of ideas.

1. Re-Finish

Keep it simple and do not over think it. If you can accomplish your goals by doing this yourself, by all means go ahead and tackle it. If you succeed, you will be proud of yourself and will have a nice return on investment if you can do it right the first time. However, like most things, that is easier said than done.

Re-finishing a door, either painting or staining, can be very time consuming, especially when you factor in things like extra trips to the store for materials and anything that you had to do more than once. The process is several steps and none of them can be skipped or the end result will not be what you’re looking for.

A properly re-stained wood door can make it look brand new – or even old. A hot trend right now is to make doors appear distressed, historic or rustic. Some of this can be achieved with proper stain and finish techniques but needs to be done by an experienced person capable of doing so without messing up your door.

Be sure to use a good stain and do not be afraid to ask the pros for advice if you plan to do it yourself.

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2. New Handle Set

Changing out an old rusty handle for a sharp and clean looking new one gives new life to the entry door. With tons of options available from companies like Emtek, Kwikset, Schlage and Baldwin, door hardware has came along way from the builder grade options that your home may have came with.

When company comes over and grabs a new handle that will function smoother and feel more solid, they will notice right away. The new door hardware will look better and provide increased security and better function as well.

While the options have significantly increased in the designs and looks available, there are also new functional hardware available such as digital door locks that allow you to lock and unlock your doors remotely from any where on your smart phone. This feature upgrades the look of the entry door but also gives you an innovative feel and added piece of mind knowing that your home is safe and secure from anywhere. This can be especially good if you are the forgetful type who may leave your doors unlocked from time to time without intending to.

“We wanted a new door but after having Barry with Heckard’s Door come out to meet with us, he told us that our door was in good shape and we could improve it without changing the whole thing out,”said Theresa of Jacksonville Beach. “We painted the door and had Heckard’s Door install a new handle set on the front door along with new hinges. We changed the hinges and handles on the other exterior doors as well and it really made a nice improvement without spending a lot.”

3. Custom accessories

You can now accessorize your door with things like Speakeasies, dentil shelves, hinge straps and clavos to give your home a rustic or tuscan look without breaking the bank.

You can get an “old-world” style look by simply adding these items that you can probably do yourself. Bring the look of the prohibition days back by adding a functioning speakeasy with a grill. It will look neat and also be able to hinge and open to allow you to reach outside if you like, just like in the 20’s and 30’s.

If you have a Craftsman style door or home, you can add a dentil shelf to finish off the door and give it unique and bold look without doing a major project. Here is a link to look at some of the PlastPro products that can help with a project like this. If you find that you are not wanting to tackle this by yourself, please contact Heckard’s Door and we will be happy to help. You can also learn more about external door accessories at PlastPro.

So if it is a new coat of paint, some accessories or a new handle set, you can jazz up your entry door and give your home new life this summer for less than you may think.