Heckard's Door Blog Month: July 2013

Hire The Best Contractor; Not The Cheapest

Posted By Heckard's Door on July 31, 2013

The old adage “you get what you pay for” applies in many aspects of our world today but none may be more so than in the Home Improvement Industry. Read More

Why Sea Turtle Friendly Doorglass?

Posted By Heckard's Door on July 15, 2013

“Living Green” is a phrase that is used more and more across America today. “Green” living practices include things like saving water, using solar panels for energy and using recyclable paper and plastics. Using Green Building Materials such as energy efficient doors, windows and glass have also taken off in recent years. Read More

Hurricane Impact Doors And Windows: Does Your Home Need Them?

Posted By Heckard's Door on July 9, 2013

Hurricane season is just beginning here in Florida and the time to prepare is now. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says there could be 13-20 named storms in 2013. Of those, seven to 11 could become Hurricanes with three to six expected to become major hurricanes with wind speeds of more than 111 mph. Read More