Barn Style Doors Are Classy And Unique

Want to make a big difference in a small area of the house? A sliding door track system with ball bearing rollers is a simple upgrade that creates a customized look while saving space.

Affectionately called “Barn-Style” Doors, the sliding track system allows you to put large doors in a small space that allows you to separate two rooms while not installing a permanent door frame or hinged doors that must swing into one room or the other.

The concept has become very popular in all types of homes from modern and contemporary, to ranch and craftsman. Because any type of door can be used in the application, aesthetically, the homeowner can achieve just about any look and still get the benefit of the function.

barn door with full frosted glass

Barn-style doors can be made of any type of wood species including but not limited to; mahogany, knotty alder, fir, pine, cypress, cherry, walnut and oak. You can have solid wood with multiple panels for a contemporary or craftsman style or groove planks for a rustic look. You can also put glass from full length glass to multiple glass panels and ornate designs.

For a few ideas visit and as well Heckard’s Door is able to use and door from those sites to customize the project for you.

“We started planning to build our house about 5-6 years ago and I didn’t really see the idea much but came across it one time and knew that a barn-style door was one thing that I definitely wanted in the new house,” said Christy B. of Gainesville, Florida. “We did a double door to the office so the bar is about 8 feet and the (2) doors each slide out to allow access. It is great and everyone compliments but now it seems as if they are everywhere.”

Use the barn door to customize the office, the kids playroom, the tv room, the hallway, or any other area of the home that would like to separate and spruce up at the same time.

barn door 8 resized 600

Popular sites such as pinterest and houzz have numerous postings and pictures of the barn-style doors used in different ways and applications.

The barn doors are better than pocket doors because the frame of the pocket door is inside of the wall and if you ever want to change the doors, or if the doors do not function correctly in the pocket door, it is a major operation to change them out. On the other hand, the barn-style door is already on the exterior and is accessible.

The tubular tracks are available in multiple finishes including oil rubbed bronze, flat black, satin nickel, antique nickel and chrome. They are available from 48″ to 144″ (4 feet to 12 feet) to accommodate up to a double 3-0 door.

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