5 Summer Home Improvement Ideas That Maximize Value And ROI

Some home improvement projects are done out of necessity and some are done just because you wanted to. Some things can wait and some things need to be done right away. It never ends with home ownership but here are 10 tips from the true Pros in the home improvement industry for getting the best return on your money.

Get things fixed

If you have a leaky faucet or exterior wood rot or lights that do not work, spend the money to get the list of items corrected that are not working properly. Do not start doing a bunch of new improvements if you still have things that are in need of attention. If you are selling your home this is crucial and if you are staying in your home, you do want to live with problems that can be easily resolved. The cost of a quality handyman for a day or two will more than pay for itself when you factor in energy savings, comfort and time saved.

Maintain and improve your lawn

You do not have to do a bunch of fancy landscaping to make your yard look nice and inviting. A big challenge for homeowners in Florida in the summer time is watering the lawn enough. Most lawns require about 1" of water per week. To know if you are watering enough, sit a container outside in the yard and make a mark for an inch and see how long it takes to fill up. If it takes 60 minutes, that is how long you need to water. Things like pulling weeds, puttingdown mulch and even adding few pavers.elegant-outdoor-lighting-design-resized-600

Add new shutters

Dress up your exterior by putting shutters around the windows. There are several types available that are pre made withnumeroucolor options. Sytles like louvers, craftsman and contemporary can really accent your home. In most cases this is an inexpensive project that can add value and curb appeal immediately. If you want todo something unique, you can have wooden shutters custom made from a variety of species of wood. Light weight woods that are good for exterior use such as cypress and pecky cypress can give you a one of a kind look to set apart your home from the neighbors too. nts or shrubs, or trimming the ones that you have can go a long way for aesthetics and do not cost a fortune.

Outdoor lighting

Running some lighting along your walkway and driveway can really enhance the look of the home at night, providing a crisp look. The lighting will also help with function, especially if you did not already have it to start with. Going from a dark walk way and driveway to a well lit path makes it easier to go out once it is nighttime and adds some security as well. You can add these lights for just a few hundred dollars and will get years of use out of them. Replacing the flood lights and outdoor light fixtures near the doors is also a smart improvement. Typically less than a hundred dollars apiece, new fixtures will immediately give the exterior a clean new look.