4 Things That New Doors Do For Your Home

Most of us think of doors as a just a passage way from one area to the next or a way to keep the bugs and bad guys out. Doors definitely need to do those things, but the right doors in your home can do a lot more than you may realize. Below are four things that new doors do for your home.

1. Curb Appeal

Most things that you will read that mention doors and curb appeal will talk about selling the home and ways to increase value. It is true that a new front door is the number 1 thing that you can do to enhance your home’s value and curb appeal is to update the entry door as this article by Better Homes and Gardens explains. http://www.bhg.com/home-improvement/exteriors/curb-appeal/boost-curb-appeal/

However, if you want to increase the curb appeal for your own benefit, replacing the entry door becomes a whole new ballgame. Now, instead of just putting in a new door from a local box store because you wanted a little sprucing to list the house for sale, you get to pick a door that you love. A door that fits your own personality, style and inner designer. With literally thousands of options available, you can take the time to get exactly what you want and what will make you smile every time you come home. The front door can transform your home to friends, relatives and neighbors into an inviting and welcoming centerpiece of the home. Often a conversation piece, only the front door of the home will allow you to truly express your style in a relatively simple and affordable change.

You can look at wood doors made from anything from Mahogany to Knotty Alder to Douglas Fir. You can go Craftsman, Contemporary or Rustic. Do you like architectural doors and glass or is a Frank Lloyd Wright style going to fit you best? What about colors and hardware? Keep it simple with clear coat on a wood door for a classic mid-west look or a bright teal or purple like South Beach. There are so many ways to drastically improve the curb appeal of your home to fit your vision and nothing helps to achieve that more than the door.

2. Function

Having a door that does not open or close smoothly or a lock that does not actually lock can be a very frustrating and upsetting. If those heavy sliding glass doors that lead to the patio are a big pain to open and shut, you may even dread going out through that way and cringe when you think of having friends and family over and them attempting to. So replacing those doors are for more than just looks, they can truly ease your mind and make you and your visitors more comfortable in your house.

“We initially began looking at changing the doors primarily because they were such a pain to open and shut every day, “said David of Gainesville, Fl. “We were tired of fighting with the heavy sliding glass doors and decided to go ahead and install French Doors and it has turned out to be the best improvement that we have made to our home without question.”

If you have any door in the home that rubs or is too tight or not tight enough or that you have to struggle to push or pull to get it to latch, it is wise to address that as soon as possible. It will save you time and possibly some angst over time. Not being able to easily secure your home is not a good feeling and not one that you have to live with. Often the doors installed during new construction are not of the highest quality product or workmanship, each of which can lead to issues. It is possible that an adjustment can do the trick in some cases, but often a replacement is needed to ensure a positive result.

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3. Safety and Security

If your doors are keeping your family and home safe and secure than what are they doing? If most of us make a list, keeping our loved ones protected is going to be number one. If your doors or door hardware compromise the your ability to secure your home in any way, you must take action and get it resolved. It will help you sleep better knowing that you have done so. You password protect your phone and make sure your tires and brakes are in good working order on your vehicle, shouldn’t your doors and hardware make you feel just as safe when it comes to your most valuable possession?

“You do not always think about your doors being unsafe until something happens,” said Gary of Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl. “We had a break in and we sure thought about it then. We had the entry door replaced that they broke into and after I saw that door and compared it to the other doors, I went ahead and had all of those replaced as well.”

A few things to look for to check the security of your doors… If you doors have hinges that are exposed that have removable pins, have them replaced with hinges that feature “non-removable pins” so that they can’t be popped from the outside. If you doors have gaps that are large enough for a potential intruder to pry a tool or object in, consider replacing that door because that is something that can rarely be remedied with a simple adjustment. If the deadbolt does not latch easily or does not engage fully, it may be leaving you exposed to the bad guys. Proper sealing doors along with fully functioning door hardware may be a better deterrent against potential intruders than a home alarm or security system. After all, if they can’t get it to start with, there is no need for an alarm.

4. Sound and Sealed

New exterior doors can make a world of difference when it comes to the audible sound that your hear when inside your home. Tired of hearing the cars roar by or neighbors kids playing drums? New exterior fiberglass doors with foam cores and thicker glass that is a full inch thick in most cases will create a barrier against the sounds of the outside world. Interior doors can also make a huge difference when it comes to improving the sound quality inside. Remodeling and retro fitting hollow core interior doors with solid core doors can reduce sound and noise from one room to the next by up to 50% http://www.jeld-wen.com/catalog/interior-doors/molded/wood-composite/all-panel#group=All&model=model1407

Keeping the home sealed from outside elements such as wind, rain, extreme hot and cold temperatures is crucial to the performance of your home. Energy efficiency is one of the prime reasons to update the exterior doors in your home. For example, a single pane, aluminum sliding glass door allows 72% more solar heat transfer into the home than energy efficient, fiberglass doors with Low E glass and pvc jambs offer. Energy Star rates doors with a U-Factor (solar heat gain) of .30 or better as “Energy Star Approved” so if your doors do not meet those standards, you are probably paying a higher electric bill each month than your could be paying.

Keeping your home sealed against the weather is one thing but keeping it sealed against bugs, ants and other critters is another. Make sure that your weatherstripping is in good condition and there are no visible gaps to allow light or air to get in which would also allow unwanted pest to gain access. Also make sure that all exterior molding is properly caulked or sealed to the frame of the door and as well as the exterior finish of the home (stucco, hardy board, T 1-11, block, brick and so on) Also make sure that all strikeplates (the part on the door frame where the latch from the hardware catches) are in good shape and properly aligned to ensure when the hardware latches, it is sealing tight.