4 Reasons To Update The Doors In Your Home

Smart Remodeling

Replacing the doors in your home not only improve the look of your home, but also the safety, function, energy efficiency and value.

Heckard’s Door Specialties, a full service door company, is the industry leader in Northeast and North Central Florida when it comes to replacing doors in your home.

First Impressions Last a Lifetime

A drastic way to give your home an instant face lift and immediately see a lasting impression, is to change the entry door. If your home has a single entry door, door with sidelights or a double door, a new entrance can completely transform the look of the home from the curb and does more so than windows, molding and even most landscaping.

“We had people from the neighborhood stopping by all the time that we had never even met before to discuss and ask us about our new doors, “said Chris Coogan, a Heckard’s Door customer. “We knew that we wanted to update the entry door, but after doing so, I only wondered why we waited so long. It really made the whole home look new”

Safe and Secure

The safety of the home is also greatly improved when the doors are updated. Today, doors are built much stronger and offer pvc frames that will not splinter or crack like wood when the door is kicked or pried. Decorative glass doors are also no longer a safety concern as today’s top quality glass is at least 1″ thick, triple paned and tempered, so that it almost impossible for an intruder to break through. The door hardware is also stronger and specifically designed to stand up against potential break-ins.

Function and Feel

Functionality of the home is another reason that doors are a good idea. If you have a door that is not opening or closing properly, it can be a real hassle day in and day out. That front door that you have to force to lock, the sliding glass doors that you have to pull with all your strength to pull open and shut, are pains that you do not have to endure. Heckard’s Door will eliminate those issues and allow you to enjoy each time that you go in an out of a door in your home, interior or exterior.

Often, people do not realize that they have an option to replace certain exterior doors, like a large sliding glass door. For example, a 12′ by 8′ sliding glass door can be difficult to open over time, is not energy efficient and presents a potential safety issue. Because this large of a door is not just available and ready to go at a local box store, homeowners may not realize the options available to them.

In just one day, Heckard’s Door is able to completely transform this problem door with custom fiberglass french doors that will eliminate all of the issues as well as look beautiful and inviting.

“We lived with those big, heavy sliding glass doors for years and hated them and always just thought that we were stuck with them, “said John Snyder of Jacksonville, Fl. “We were looking for someone to try to change the rollers and that turned out to not really be possible and then we found Heckard’s Door. Now, the doors that we have there may be my favorite part of the house. It’s a focal point for the patio and guests are always asking about them and complementing the look and ease in which they open and close. We love them.”

Boost Your Home Value

The value of the home is also improved by replacing the doors. In many cases a new entryway can boost a homes perceived value by 5-6%, while the customer usually only has to spend about 1/2 of that. For example, a 300,000 home can increase in value by almost 20 grand over a similar home with an outdated entrance.

With all of these reasons, this project should be at the top of your “to-do”what are you waiting on?