3 Smart Home Improvements For Your Summer To-Do List

Of all the seasons, Summer is probably the one that you most want your home to look its best. There are birthday parties, pool and bbq time, other moms coming by to bring little Johnny over to play since the kids are out of school.

All the while the sun is brighter and hotter and the days are longer, keeping your home more visible to more people for longer as well as the extra exposure to the heat and crazy Florida weather!

Here are 3 smart ways to make your home more enjoyable as well as add lasting value.

1. Add a Patio, Deck or Gazebo

A new clean, well planned and executed deck makes all the difference for summer entertaining. Products like Trex board can be installed and never have to be replaced while giving an immediate impact as far as function and aesthetics.

If you already have a deck and just maybe need to pressure wash or resurface, you can really make a big difference by taking the time to properly handle your existing. A new coat of sealer or paint can go a long way. However, make sure tha

t you do not have any wood rot, soft spots or termites. Trex and other composite and pvc materials will never rot, have termites or many other issues.

Gazebo’s are great for social gathering with family and friends and also add a welcoming look to any back yard. It can be a centerpiece and family favorite area for years to come.

Adding or replacing a deck is not only a great way to add a fun living space, it also adds value to the property. The return on your investment is more than 85% according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2012 Cost vs. Value Report.

Also, the more time that you spend outside on your new patio, deck or gazebo, the less time you are inside running up the electric bill!

2. Painting

Painting always seems to be on the list and why not? Turn that boring white wall into a vivid color that tells the world about you. Paint the front of the house, the inside the deck, whatever, just paint something!

If you are a do-it-yourself type, this may be the area that you get a chance to shine and brag to your spouse or friends that you have a big weekend project and show them your masterpiece when complete.

Or, if you need to hire a painter, summer is a good time to do so when the days are longer and the rain and weather typically more cooperative.

In comparison to many other projects, painting is relatively inexpensive and if you do it yourself and mess it up, you can always paint over it or have someone else and it is not the end of the world.

3. Window and Door Replacement

You had to know this would end up on our list and for good reason. Check any articles that relate to smart summer home improvement projects and you will most often see this being tops on the list.

Replacement Windows

If you stand by a window or door in your home and you can feel if its hot outside without opening the door or window, it is time to get them replaced. Energy efficient windows and doors not only make a huge difference when it comes to lowering heating and cooling costs, but they look so much better and make the whole home more comfortable.

“Replacing our sliding glass doors with energy efficient fiberglass French doors has been the best improvement we have done to our home by far, “said Wayne of Ponte Vedra Beach, Fl. “We got Low E glass and now you can’t tell if its 40 degrees or 90 degrees outside when you stand by the doors.”

Energy efficient windows and doors from Jeld-Wen, PlastPro and ODL are the benchmark in the industry in Florida. The durability, craftsmanship and wide variety of sytles and options are second to none.

Door replacement is also the best return on investment by far. One of the rare things that you get back more than you invested in home value.