3 Signs That Your Doors Need To Be Replaced

Home Improvement is a never ending project for most homeowners. On top of keeping up the landscaping and making sure the gutters are clean, there are always things on the to-do list that linger on and need to be done once and for all.

Doors are often one of those projects that many people would like to do; eventually. In some cases you may just a want a new front entry door to help boost curb appeal or you would like to let some light in the front of the home. Then there are the cases when you NEED to look into replacement doors very seriously.

Here are 3 signs that replacement doors should be on the top of your list.

1. You can see light coming through the doors

If you can see light through, under, between or around your doors, that is not good. Where there is light, there is air loss and where there is air loss, there is money being thrown away. Even a small gap can allow a large amount of heat or cool air out and into your home. Over just a few months, you could literally being throwing money right out of the door. You may be able to get away with an adjustment or new weatherstrip, but if that does not solve the problem, replacing the door should definitely be on your radar.

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“For years I looked at that gap between our front doors and hated the fact that air was coming in and out but also that bugs could get in, “said Norma E. of Gainesville, Florida. “We had a handyman or two try to adjust them but the problem never got fixed how we wanted so we looked into getting new doors. We found Heckard’s Door and they helped us through the process and now we love our front doors and feel good about not having any problems like we did.”

2. You feel hot or cold air when you stand next to your doors

This goes for any and all exterior doors in the home. If it is cold outside and you go and stand by your front door and you instantly feel a chill or a change in the temperature, that is bad. Either your doors have gaps and are leaking or they are just poorly insulated. Wood and metal or steel doors do not insulate as well as fiberglass doors. Do not forget about sliding glass doors either.

Sliding glass doors are notorious for being inefficient energy wise because they often do not have weatherstrip and have thin glass (anything under 5/8″ is very thin). If it is summer time and you are trying to keep the house cool and you stand over by the sliding glass doors and you start to sweat, look into getting them changed out for more energy efficient French Doors, which are also more safe, function better and are more aesthetically pleasing. One important door that is often overlooked is the door that leads into the house from the garage. Many builders have used interior doors there over the years (even though they shouldn’t) and that can have a big effect on the heating and cooling in that area.

3. Your doors are difficult to open or close

One of the most frustrating things can be a door that does not function like it should. It can be a major pain to have to struggle to shut a door and if you are throwing your shoulder into it trying to force it open and shut, that is not good at all. The issue could have been that the door was not installed properly to begin with or it could have moved over the years due to weather. Wood and metal doors can expand and contract with temperature change, especially here in Florida where we can have a 50* or more temperature fluctuation in one day. Rain and wet weather can also contribute to doors swelling, warping and rotting, which can all lead to issues opening and closing, which can lead to problems locking and securing the home and nobody wants that.

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If the sliding glass doors are the culprit, it is most likely because the rollers have gone bad or the track and frame have become damaged. The solution for this issue sometimes can be to have the rollers replaced but more often then not, that is not an option and a retro fit is needed.Replacing sliding glass doors with french or patio doors is a great thing to do for the home. It will eliminate the functionality problems, look better, add safety and value and will be more energy efficient.

If you are curious about options or have questions, please visit ourfrequently asked questions page or feel free to call or email us and we will be happy to help you. You can also look at our gallery to see before and after pictures of what others have done.