3 Reasons To Hire A Licensed Contractor

Your home is most likely your largest investment and when you are looking to hire someone to do improvements to your house, make sure to do your homework and hire a licensed State of Florida Contractor to do the work no matter how large or small the project is.

It is not that people that are not state licensed are not capable of doing a good job and it is not a guarantee that you will get a great job by someone who is licensed, but the chances are much better that the project will have a better end result if the individual or company is licensed and certified.

By definition, a contractor is anyone who demolishes, subtracts from, builds or improves, any building or structure for compensation.

Today we are giving the top 3 reasons that you should avoid unlicensed activity and should hire a person or company that is legit.

1. Insurance

If a person holds a state license that is current and active, they most certainly have an insurance policy that should cover at least 500,000 and in most cases 1,000,000 or more in general liability coverage. That is important to you for many reasons.

What if they short an outlet and it burns your home down and your home is 400,000 and you have 150,000 worth of valuables that got destroyed? You are in bad shape.

If a worker gets seriously injured in your home or business and the medical bills keep piling up, guess who is responsible for the money owed if the individual or business did not have sufficient coverage? That’s right, you are, in some way that you do not want to be.

A person or business who is not state licensed can be insured and can be legit, but the scope of work they are doing must fall into exactly what they claim to be doing and must fall under a specific catagory in job in which the person or business is required to be licensed. In other words, if a guy putting down brick pavers in your driveway (does not need a state license) drives over your septic tank and ruins it, it should be covered under his insurance. If that same guy is trying to change out your a/c unit or adding some plumbing and he has an accident, that is not covered.

Be sure that you are getting exactly what you want done and nothing more or less and get it in writing.

2. Recourse

Another reason to go with a State of Florida Licensed Contractor is that they are more likely to be around longer down in the event that something happens to the work after completion even if they did a good job to start with.

If you have a window replaced and in three years that window gets fogged up and you need a new one, chances are much better that you can get that to happen if the company or individual is certified. Someone that holds a license is not only more likely to still be in business when you later need them, they are more likely to get the situation handled properly and in a timely manner because they have a serious reputation to uphold.

Obtaining a state license is a serious matter for individuals and businesses and the testing, experience and application process are very thorough and very difficult to get through if you are not legit. So someone who has gone through the process is not going to want to lose what they have worked so to obtain and that can happen if they do someone wrong. 

3. Piece of Mind

It is the same reason that you would pick the best doctor or lawyer, you are not looking for a miracle, you just want the end result to be correct and not have problems along the way.

You hire someone that you are confident in because you do not want to pay for something twice. You want to have the work done correctly, on time and on budget and without any major headaches.

You may a little bit more but it is wise to pay a little more the first time for something that is quality more than it is to pay a smaller amount twice to have a questionable job that took twice as long.

Again, not to say that hiring a licensed contractor is full proof and they will always be on time, on budget and perfect because that is not going to happen all of the time. No one is perfect 100% of the time, but you have to go with the odds and believe that someone that holds that license is competent and honest.

The construction law in Florida is very complex. If you have any questions concerning your home improvement, remodel or home renovation project, check the link below to check out who you are considering.

Heckard’s Door is a state of Florida Certified Residential Contractor. State License number CRC1330289