3 Reasons To Avoid The Box Stores When Replacing Doors

It’s time to replace that pesky sliding glass door or leaky front door and you are in your vehicle headed to the nearest box store. Stop, do a U-turn and find a professional company to handle it for you instead.

Time after time after time over the years we have heard the same thing from so many of our customers.

“I tried to go to the local box stores and I couldn’t find what I wanted and I couldn’t find anyone to help me,” said Jay Folsom of Gainesville, Fl. “I could tell that the person trying to help me was not the most experienced and the process in which they wanted to go about it did not make any sense to me.”

1. Box stores are too basic

Box stores carry a large number of “pre-hung” doors that are ready to go and on the shelf. If you are building a new home or addition and not replacing an existing door, that may work for you. However, most often something will not be correct along the way. Is the door the right height and width? Is the jamb the right size? Does it swing the direction that you want it to for your home?

Ok, so you know that trying to get a pre hung door off of the shelf is not the best idea, so you try to order one. That should get the project done correctly, right? Not so fast..

Go to any large box store and go to the door section and look in the “clearance” section. More times than not, this section will be full of discounted doors that have been mis-ordered by the store’s employees. Unless a professional has come out to measure and go over each detail with you, the process of ordering a new door can be a daunting task to get correct the first time. 

2. Do not sacrifice quality

Box stores often carry inferior products just to try to advertise the lowest price possible. The goal for them is to have you look at the newspaper insert, compare it with the insert from the other competitors and pick the lowest price you see. Like many other things, you often get what you pay for. If you are spending $300 for an exterior door unit that may go bad in 2-3 years by rusting, warping or rotting, you are really not saving money if you have to replace it again in the near future. By having a professional company handle the project, you can be sure that you are getting products that are accepted and used by the best in the industry. If it was a good idea to get replacement doors from the box stores, professional door companies would just get them from there too, but that is not the case. By spending a little more time and a few more dollars, you can get a superior product that will last a lifetime and get top quality service.

3. You don’t know what you don’t know

The things that you may not see or be aware of. Even if you find the door that you want, either on the shelf or by special order at a box store, you still are stuck with the decision of putting in yourself or having the box store handle the installation. If they handle the installation, there is no way to know for sure that the person coming to your home is capable of handling the job properly and timely. Do they have all of the tools needed? What about the materials needed to do the install such as the correct fasteners, adhesives, molding and hardware. Also, are they going to take proper care of your home by covering the floor and work area and protecting your house? These things are all to be closely considered when you are deciding between a box store or a local professional company.